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Joey's kids

Joey's kids

      To the right you will see why God invented single-lens reflex cameras -- to avoid parallax problems like cutting people off below the nose. There was actually a rather nice view of the ceiling in this shot, but I used my editorial discretion to cut some of it away. But Marceline beneath the nose . . . sorry, only God could have edited the rest of her back in!
      Unfortunately this is the only photo I have of the four of Joey's kids (3 1/4, rather) together. Mike Zangwill at the right, Linh-Chi Nguyen in front of Phil. Taken at Julie's place, I think, but I don't know precisely when. Maybe around the time of Beth and Mike's wedding in February 1988?
      Here's another of Beth and Mike: Beth and Mike.  [2 kb]

Joey's 3 1/4 kids

Joey, Marceline, Tommy, Beth, Tom

      Going back three or four years earlier, here are Joey and me with Marceline, Tommy, and Beth outside Jackie's place in Kensington.
      It was a memorial service -- well, not a service, but a gathering -- for my father in October 1984. I had taken the bus to Silver Spring, and when Jackie picked me up we stopped at Chambers Brothers for the cardboard box containing my father's ashes. Jackie had all the family over to plant handfuls of the ashes in her back yard..
     th. Mary took the photo. "We always wondered if you owned a tie," she told me.
      We don't look much like mourners, do we?

      Then Mary took a shot of me draped with Marceline and Beth. We still don't look like mourners. But yes, I am wearing my all-purpose tie.

 Marceline, Tom, Beth

After Mary took the photos above we all trooped into Jackie's back yard and tried to avoid stepping in dog messages while we dealt with my father's ashes. Jackie's idea was that we would all plant flowers in her back yard while dropping handfuls of the ashes into the dirt with the new plants.
      It was a sweet idea and spoke of rebirth and regeneration. But I felt spaced out and giggly. It was all a dream. How could my father be dead?
      Will Maier, Julie Lynn's husband, videotaped the proceedings and made copies for all of us.
      That was a sweet idea too. But the tape is gathering dust with all my other stuff back in Iowa. I wonder if I will ever feel impelled to watch it.
      There have been too many ashes scattered since that date, too many tears.

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